Plearn to Play: Safety Round

24 June, CPCR and Anuban Suan Phung School, Ratchaburi Province, conduct the activity – ‘Safety Round’. There are teachers, members of the school management team, students, parents of children and members of community committee who join the activity. This is part of the program – Plearn to Play: Improving Well-Being and Promoting Safe Environment for All Children to Play, which is supported by tdh Germany and Volkswagen Workers Council.


At the beginning, there is a workshop of common causes of injury in children. When they learn about risks and factors of injury, it is time to explore their schools. All of them walk around the school in many areas such as playgroup, classrooms and toilets to find areas that may cause accidents. Then, there is a meeting to summarize what they have found, how to improve those areas and how to establish a prevention measure. After this activity, it reports that dark spots that may cause injuries have been renovated. There is coordination between schools and community so that their children can play and learn in safe environment.