Art and Nature Play

To promote ‘Right to Play’, CPCR conducts the program – ‘Plearn to Play: Improving Well-Being and Promoting Safe Environment for All Children to Play’. The program, which is supported by tdh Germany and Volkswagen Workers Council, aims to improve the well-being and promote safe environment for children through playing in safe recreation spaces.


This week, we ask children to play ‘Nature Bingo’ with us. All children receive a 16 square bingo board and are asked to think what they will find in their school playground. Then, they draw those 16 pictures. After children finish drawing, it is time to explore nature in their school. They can use their observation skills to look for things that match what they draw. When time is up, children gather around and share their scores. Some finds all 16 items while the other finds less. Then, we ask children to share what they found. Some children say it is fun and there are many things in their school that they never notice before. Some share that there is beautiful nature in the school. If they stop and look carefully, there are beautiful nature around them.


Although ‘Nature Bingo’ is a simple game but it can bring lots of fun for children. They see beauty of nature and learn to connect with it. They also feel relaxed and calm. They learn that they are not live alone in the nature. There are other things that live together and support each other.