We ask teachers to ‘Play’ with us.

‘Plearn to Play’ is CPCR program that aims to enhance the quality of life of children in schools and communities through playing and recreation. Children can play safely and stay close to nature.


On 1 June, CPCR conducts a training program, ‘Play and Child Development Promotion’, for teachers in Suan Phueng Kindergarten School in Ratchaburi Province. CPCR also invites a staff from the Foundation of Child Development (FCD) to be a facilitator.


The training makes teachers understand the benefits of play. It is not only for enjoyment but promotes learning and development of children also. Play must be in a safe environment and there is an adult who can look after and support children.


There is an activity that asks teachers to recall their childhood memories and craft toys form their household material and unused items. The facilitator also educate them how to be a supporter. It is a person who can assess the risk of playing.


At the end of the session, CPCR asks school management teams and teachers to integrate the play activity into the curriculum. School classes would be reduced and there is more time for children to play. CPCR also encourages teachers to set up an indicator so that they can evaluate and monitor their program.