‘Plearn to Play’

UNCRC Article 31 states that children and young people have the right to have fun in the way they want to and they have the right to rest too. ‘Plearn to Play’ is CPCR program that aims to improve the well-being and promoting safe environment for all children through playing in safe recreational spaces.


Today, CPCR invites children to join the art activity, ‘Leaf Art’. They are asked to walk in the park and look for a leaf that can represent themselves. Some children pick a green leaf while the other look for the dried one. Some children also look for a big leaf while the tother pick the small one. After children find their favorite one, they place a leaf in the center of the paper and draw a line around it. Then, they are asked to draw and paint the picture. At the end of the session, children gather around and show their art to their friends. They also play a game by guessing what their friend draw.


It shows that a happiness can be found around us. Using our imagination to draw, paint and sharing stories to other people are a real happiness.