Family Capacity Building

CPCR conducts an effective parental skills workshop for parents and other caregivers of children (age 13 – 18 years old). The workshop is developed under the program – ‘a Parent Skills Curriculum for Parents and other Caregivers of Child Victims of Violence and Unlawful Care’. The workshop consists of 4 sessions. Participants learn their emotions, feelings, attitude and behaviors that have impacts on their children. They also learn nature and development of children and know how to promote child development. The most important thing is that they can promote their child rearing skills in accordance with ‘a Minimum Standard of Child Rearing’


After completing the workshop, they join another activity, ‘the Family Relation’ which allows them to do an activity and build a quality time with their children.


This activity is part of the program – ‘End Violence against Children in Thailand and ASEAN’ which is supported by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Terre des Hommes Germany