A Warm Family, A Happy Community

From October 8th to October 9th, CPCR and San Makha Municipal District conduct a child and family development activity – ‘A Warm Family, A Happy Community’ for 13 families in Chiang Rai Province. This family camp is their 4th activity which is a part of the Child Protection Community Program, supported PARTAGE. It is the program that aims to strengthen family relationship and end violence against children.


Children and their families from San Makha Community have a chance to join many activities which promote their positive family communications, parenting skills and understanding of stages and ages of child development. At the end of the camp, parents share that they have learned a lot. They understand that corporal punishment is not the best way to discipline their own children. They feel calmer and talk more with their children. They learn to listen to their children and applaud them when they do something right. Meanwhile, children talk with CPCR that their parents stop using corporal punishment and they are kinder.


*Remark: All participants signed the media consent form.