A Family Trip – Positive Relationships for Families

Supported by terre des Hommes Germany in Southeast Asia and Volkswagen Worker Council, The Family Trip is a family relationship activity under the program – “a Parenting Skill Curriculum for Parents and other Caregiver of Child Victims of Violence and Unlawful Care (age 6 – 12 years old).”

Last weekends, children, who are victims of violence and unlawful care, and their parents join the family trip with CPCR at the Amphawa Chaipattananuruk Conservation Project in Samut Songkarm Province. The activity allows participants to build a quality time together. They can do activities together which aims to strengthen the family relationship. In the meantime, parents of children can build their effective parenting skills in accordance with ‘a Minimum Standard of Child Rearing’. They understand their child development. They learn how to use a positive communication with their children. CPCR staffs also act as buddies to support each member.

Before the trip ends, CPCR asks feedbacks from them. They share that they are impressed and proud of what they did for their families. Although it is just a tiny moment, the power of love can be seen from all of them. Parents of child victims really want to do everything for their children. They want to change and  be a better person for their children.

“I am happy. I can spend time with my mother and do many things together with her.”

“My mother has changed. She is calmer and rarely scolds me.”

“I am very happy because I stay with my kid”

(Feedback from Participants)