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Child Protection in Thailand

'Stop Violence against Children' 

A message from CPCR Director, 

Ms. Wassana Kaonoparat 

Feeling ‘YES’, Feeling ‘NO’

‘My Body is Mine, NOT Yours!

You must STOP when I said NO!’

A sex education program which educates children to avoid being sexually assaulted by people they trust and strangers.

A Communicator for ‘Ending Violence against Children’

CPCR and the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Maejo University conducts a media production training for students from the Program of Integrated Communication and the Program of Information and Communication. The training aims to educate them on understanding the negative impact of violence against children. Later, they can spread the ‘Stop Violence against Children’ campaign to others in their community.


Unconditional Love









Just One Word







'Safety Rangers Game'


Safety Rangers Game is a board game for children aged 9 – 12.

Children play safety rangers who use their own power, knowledge, wisdom and courage to fight against monsters.

Monsters in the game represent dangers or unsafe situations of everyday life.